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Every receipt, every transaction, every record must include:  The Who, What, Where, When, and How Much. In order to do that, we must have a profitable black end set up properly and a plan in place. Our services are designed to build your back-end for the ultimate profit protection and for you and your business to be audit-ready in the event that you are ever audited. 

group coaching Membership

12-month coaching program for 6-figure small business owners to learn how to handle their backend, manage their tax obligations, and retain more profits in their businesses.


Explore our service packages that have been designed specifically for small businesses.

15 minute service
consult call

Have a question about our services? Hope on a call with a member of our team to gain clarity and they will inform of the best service package specific to your needs.


if you are looking for tax advice, then this option is to speak to one of our tax professional to provide you deeper explanation or clarity on a specific tax inquiry or something you are experiencing.

Tax Planning/Tax Preparation Packages

This option includes a discovery call, Quarterly tax planning/review,
quarterly tax returns, a book audit (if you are not currently
working with a CPA), and 1 annual tax return. There are split payment options for all of our packages.


One-on-one coaching is private coaching with the tax strategist and business owner. Private coaching covers: business start-up and set-up, tax planning, and tax strategy. There are different types of private coaching options. Please click the link below to learn more. There are split payment options for all of our packages.

Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Bundles

Our packages allow you to bundle annual tax preparation, quarterly estimates,
bookkeeping, and QuickBooks set up to maximize savings. There are split payment options for all of our plans.


Did you set up your own books and code your own transactions? Not sure if it was done correctly? If you need for us to take a look and to get you ready for tax time, this option is for you. This service does include a session to describe the mistakes you made and how to correct those mistakes. This service includes an overview of QuickBooks (if applicable) and what you should be aware of. We will correct some of your mistakes and show you what was done so that you can continue the best practice moving forward in managing your own books. Please note that this is not accounting advice.


A Second look is an opportunity to look at your previously completed tax returns that were not completed by Jaxn and Company. This is for someone that would like for us to look at them to see if anything was missed, if there are any errors, or if an amendement should be filed. You may go back as far as 3 years. The session includes an interview for each year tax return that you will submit to me. The cost of this service is $150. If you will be filing an amendement, the $150 deposit will go towards the service costs to amend your return(s).

back taxes

Variable Rate
Are you behind on taxes? This service is to evaluate your tax situation and get you up to date with tax filing

Business registration

This service includes cost of business formation, operating agreement, registration for tax purposes, and EIN (if needed)


This service entails setting up QuickBooks for your business. This service includes an interview as well as an overview of Quickbooks and how to efficiently work, understand, and adopt best practices to manage your own books in Quickbooks going forward.
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