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Tax Preparers, Tax Strategists, Tax Planners, and Problem Solvers
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We specialize in tax planning, tax strategy, business organization, and small business solutions. Our main goal is to provide individuals and businesses with the proper tax and business finance education, so that they can make informed financial and tax decisions within their small businesses. Our options for small businesses include business formation and business organization.
Since the beginning of our journey, we focused on the issues related to finance and tax that are affecting minorities and their business profits. We’re educated and invested in helping minority groups with their specific tax problems, regardless of their business activity and economic goals.

Hi! I’m JoVynn
Tax Strategist, Tax Planner, & Problem Solver for small business owners

JoVynn is an ambitious mother and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Her educational background is vast and diverse. She studied Sport Management and Business Administration at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL where she specialized in business and accounting. She continued her education at Rutgers University, where she obtained her master’s degree in Public Administration in May 2017. During her time at Rutgers, she focused on budgeting, finance, and human resource administration, among others. It was around this time when she discovered her passion for personal finance and development. Her love for personal finance and her wish to offer others the possibility to make the most of their lives and businesses without worrying about taxes and to prevent them from paying too much in tax is was what started it all. That’s how she became a tax strategist that is now specializing in small business tax and financial advice for people of color. She believes that small business owners can make better decisions within their business once they are educated on taxes, different strategies, and how to maximize their tax savings.

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We are a tax preparation and complete business consulting solution. We help you and your business get over any tax obligations by providing unique tax saving strategies and plans specific to your business situation so you can focus on what you love doing the most. Click the link below to schedule you free consultation call and begin your journey towards success now!

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