5 Reasons to Donate to Charity

It’s a good thing

To give back is a good thing. Don’t you feel good after you do a good deed or give to someone else ?Of course you do! Giving to charity is a form of self-pleasure. Donating money to someone else in need simply gives you a sense of joy. Individuals typically donate to charities when they support the cause. You get to connect with individuals who share beliefs or are fighting for the same causes as you. It is satisfying when you have someone who supports what you believe in and are trying to make a difference. This encourages you to support through donation.


Tax deductions

When you donate to charity (IRS approved charity that is), you get to write their market values off as itemized deductions on your taxes.

You are setting a good example for your children

 You can teach your children the importance of donating by leading by example. It encourages them to do the same. It encourages them to be unselfish and generous givers.

Giving back to the community

There are so many businesses that take money from the community in exchange for their services, but they never give back to that same community. Giving to charity is an awesome way to pour back into pur Cities, towns, and boroughs. Donate to a charity that resonates with your beliefs.

It improves your personal money management

If you are donating and it is a recurring donation, it causes you to be more attentive to your own finances. You are more conscious about what money is coming out of your account, when it is coming, and why it is leaving your bank account. This will cause you to focus more and pay attention to your money!

Happy donating !

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